Maula Jatt / مولا جٹ - Pakistani Punjabi Full Movie - 1979

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"For you a feud might last a generation, I even kill the grandsons" - Maula Jutt 01:10:58 تیر\ ویر صِرف اِک نَسل تَک چَلدا ہوئے گا، مَیں پَوترے تَک مار دَیندَا آں ۔ مولا جٹ Super-hit Punjabi film which forever changed the Punjabi film industry in Pakistan. Maula Jatt/Jutt translates literally to "Lord of The Jutts" however a better translation would be the "Lord's Jatt" The film is an unofficial sequel to the 1975 film. Wehshi Jatt itself was inspired by an Urdu play "Gandasa" written by Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi which depicts a bloody feud in Gujranwala against the backdrop of rural Punjab. The panache and script here elevated it from the typical blood feud story of rural Punjab into an often quoted film that traversed the typical demarcation of film as entertainment only. It managed to touch a nerve and identify with not only its time but the psyche of the average Pakistani. Following the settlement of Maula's family feud in Wehshi Jatt (in case you did not see it he wiped out the entire male blood line save a solitary young grandson), Maula has renounced violence. Makha Natt is caught trying to kidnap a girl. Everybody she turns to for help is scared of Makha except Maula Jatt's sister- in-law Taani. She calls Maula for help and lo and behold he arrives and decrees that if Makha wants to avoid the fate of being killed by his 'Gandasa' he should marry the very girl he has dishonoured and also marry his sister off to his friend Moodha (for the lolz). When Makha returns home to plot his revenge, his sister Daro incensed upon hearing how much of a eunuch her brother has become kills him on the spot and has his body thrown to the vultures. The Natt clan now try to avenge the humiliation that Maula Jutt has caused them while Maula Jutt keeps on antagonising them by reminding them that he will come to collect their sister as his friends bride :) The film revels in it's use of wit, grand statements of masculinity but above all in the celebration of the vindication of masculinity through violence. Classic quotes . Nawan aaye eiy Soniye (Are you new here, handsome?) . Jey Mauley nuu Maula ney maarey tey maula nein marda (Unless a Maula kills another Maula, he cannot be killed) Songs: . Nashey Diye Botlay - Inayat Hussain Bhatti 0:48:13 English translation: Support Pakistani music and buy the album: